Clothing items which are not so good for your health

We all like to dress fancy but to still feel comfortable in our clothes, yet, have you ever wondered what would be the clothing items which are not so good for our health? Have you ever thought about how those even exist? Unfortunately, those exist. Check out the list below and find out which items to escape to save your health!

  1. Corsets. Everyone connects corsets with some older historical times, yet, the truth is, many young ladies still wore those today. Corsets are mostly worn in some Gothic subcultures. The problem with corsets is how those really change the shape of your ribs. Besides that, your organs don't like the pressure they get from this clothing item. If you like corsets, be sure that you don't wear those often.
  1. Push up bras. Push up bras are not good for your health because they press your milk glands a little bit too much. When you wear a push-up bra, your stomach also feels the pressure. Why would you wear push up bra when you can get a comfy one? There are plenty of other choices today.
  1. High heels. I know ladies, it seems like how this list is created for you only, right? Well, high heels are really not healthy. The even bigger problem is how those are nowadays made to make you even 15 cm taller! Your ankles don't like the position they are in when you are wearing high heels. Besides that, you may experience some circulation problems too.
  1. Flip flops. Okay, this one may go for gentlmen too. Finally, ladies, right? What is the problem with flip flops? They may bring various health problems mostly because you don't get any support to your feet. They are usually of bad quality and many foot injuries happen when people wear flip flops as well.

Which of these clothes you often wear? Will you change your habit now?

Author : Hi, everyone! I am Lars and I have always been interested in learning things about the different cultures! For that purpose, I have started traveling in my teenage years, and today, I can proudly say how I have traveled all around the globe! Besides that, I am a journalist and like to write! Discover interesting facts about different cultures with me!

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