What are the secrets airlines maybe don't want you to know?

If you like to travel by airplane, then you definitely must read about some secrets airline managers don't want you to know about. Are they hiding something from you? Why? Well, probably because you don't need to know that. I have collected much interesting information about airlines almost no one has heard of! Check those out!

  1. Food. Food in the airplanes is actually of low quality. If you are not going on the long flights, the best would be to eat before or after your flight.
  1. Hygiene. If you haven't realized by yourself already, I need to share one ''dirty secret'' with you. Unfortunately, this fact is literally dirty. Be sure that you don't use all those ''comfy pillows'' you can get in the airplane because those are really barely ever washed! Besides that, can you just imagine how many people before you have already used it?
  1. Employees. You can actually get all the information you need about your flight from any employee in the plain. But, why don't they offer you such information immediately then? Because they don't have to. But you have the right to get any information you need. How to get it? Be nice to their employees.
  1. Booking your flight in a proper time. Always be sure to escape those last minute flights. It may happen that they offer you some ''interesting flight'' for some destination you haven't even planned to go to, but you may accept because it sounds cheap. The truth is-it is not cheap because you don't need it. Always book your flight a few months ahead if that is possible because in that case, you will save a lot of money and find the best deal for yourself.

Can you think of some other airline secret?

Author : Hi, everyone! I am Lars and I have always been interested in learning things about the different cultures! For that purpose, I have started traveling in my teenage years, and today, I can proudly say how I have traveled all around the globe! Besides that, I am a journalist and like to write! Discover interesting facts about different cultures with me!

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