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Why do we need to know your IP address?


We must know it and collect it once you leave a comment on our web. That is mostly needed because of spams. We are trying everything to reduce those this way.


Which cookies do we use?


The same rule goes here as for the comments. You cannot leave a comment without accepting cookies. We will first test if you accept cookies with a temporary cookie that lasts for 48 hours (testing your browser). After that, you will have cookies for 365 days.

Log in cookies also exist. But, every time you decide to log out from the web, those will disappear immediately.




Of course, like every other website, you will find a lot of content at ours too. Yet, there may be some content that is not originally from our website but coming from the others. Should you be worried about that? No, because it cannot do you any harm except collecting some of the info about you that you have already written on your personal profile.


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